Project Summary

Genre: Documentary

Status: Fully financed and bonded.
Advanced Ruling Certificate Obtained as formal South African / Kingdom of The Netherlands Co-Production, under Treaty as signed Dec 2015. Dutch and South African Public Broadcaster attached, extensive Dutch funding from three major funds (Mediafonds, Filmfonds, CoBo) and South African (DTI SA Production and Co-Production Incentive as well as the National Film and Video Foundation). Principle photography commended, and main shoot period commends June 2017. Scheduled for completion June 2018.

Director: Saskia Vredeveld

A Pieter van Huijstee and Marc Schwinges Production

Production: Pieter van Huijstee (The Netherlands) & Underdog Productions (South Africa)

Length: 90 minutes and 48 min TV Version

Broadcasters: NCRV, The Netherlands & SABC, South Africa